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A board certified urologist, Dr. Scott Caesar, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Rochester and completed his medical school training at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his urology training at the University of Pennsylvania under the world renowned Dr. Alan Wein. While there, he published many book chapters on subjects ranging from robotic kidney surgery to prostatitis. He has researched and written articles on a variety of topics including kidney cancer, laser treatment of BPH (enlarged prostate), and hematuria. While at Penn, he worked with and trained under a number of leading surgeons and experts in the field of urology. He maintains a very strong relationship with the institution and its affiliated hospitals.

Dr. Caesar’s areas of interest include a wide variety of treatments for BPH, prosthetics including inflatable penile prostheses, medical and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence, removal of kidney stones, and sexual medicine.
He has attended courses to learn advanced robotic techniques in treating urologic diseases, and state-of-the-art methods in the surgical treatment of urinary incontinence and BPH. He is excited to bring these procedures to our practice and the patients he treats.

Dr. Caesar is a member of the American Urological Association.

12/26/2021 – Dr. Scott Caesar – Featured in Authority Magazine

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10/22/2014 – Dr. Scott Caesar – BPH Enlarged Prostate

Fans for the Cure.

Dr. Scott Caesar was honored to participate in the Fort Myers Miracle “Fans for the Cure”.  The annual baseball road trip is the largest healthcare initiative in the history of Minor League Baseball.  The mission is to raise awareness about prostate cancer, testing, and treatment.

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